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Murals: Vision to Reality | 8.18.24

Learn how to design & coordinate a mural that fosters creativity, teamwork, and school pride!

  • 90 US dollars
  • The Conservatory NW


SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, 1-4pm Transform your school with a vibrant mural! Address challenges like low student engagement, weak school spirit, and dull environments. Join our Circle Painting Mural Workshop to learn how to design, coordinate, and execute a mural that fosters creativity, teamwork, and school pride. Our expert guidance will empower you to create an inspiring and collaborative project that makes a lasting impact. Are you a teacher, administrator, program coordinator, or parent looking to address challenges in student engagement, school culture, or the physical environment of your school? A school mural could be the transformative solution you need. Join our exciting Circle Painting Mural Workshop and learn how to bring this vision to life! Address Common Challenges: - Low Student Engagement: Struggling to get students involved in school activities? Creating a mural is an empowering project that fosters creativity, collaboration, and pride. - Weak School Spirit: A mural can rejuvenate school spirit and instill a sense of community, making everyone feel connected and proud of their school. - Dull and Uninspiring Spaces: Transform boring walls into vibrant, inspiring art that enhances the learning environment and promotes positivity. Participants will learn to: **Design a Mural** Plan and sketch a mural that reflects your school's spirit and values, making it a source of pride for everyone. **Engage the Community:** Discover strategies to involve students, staff, and parents in the mural creation process, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration. **Master Circle Painting Techniques:** Learn dynamic, colorful painting methods that bring your mural to life and captivate the school community. **Coordinate the Project:** Organize and manage a mural project efficiently, ensuring smooth execution from start to finish. **Foster Team-Building:** Implement activities that promote teamwork and strengthen relationships among participants. **Beautify School Spaces:** Turn dull walls into vibrant art, creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere for students and staff. Imagine the excitement and pride of unveiling a mural created by your school community—a fun, empowering, and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of creativity and collaboration. Sign up today and start planning your mural for the next school year!

Join us at:

  • The Conservatory NW

    4419 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA

Cancellation Policy

• Pre-registration is required for all workshops and courses. • Payment must be received prior to workshop or course start date. • Payment is accepted online or via credit card at the studio. • Workshops, courses, and events must be canceled a minimum of 7 days prior to their first start date to receive a refund, no refund or credit can be given after. All cancellations are subject to a 5% processing fee. •In the event of a workshop, course, or event cancellation by the studio, you will receive a full refund.

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