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Our Story

Since we met in 2012, we've had the dream of creating a community space for connecting, teaching, and learning through Art, Yoga, and Gardens.  This vision has taken many iterations, and we eventually transitioned our garage into an art studio, our living room (and backyard) into a yoga studio, and held a few gardening classes, too!

We believe that all three of these disciplines are paths to health and wellbeing.  Each of them helps your body, mind, and spirit -- that's why we  teach them all together!  Our passion for sharing these led us to open The Conservatory in Fall 2023.  As South Seattle residents and active community members for over 10 years, we are so excited to follow our passions, share our knowledge with others, and continually connect within this community.

We know how potent these practices can be, and how they correlate to happiness and growth.  We imagine a world where everyone recognizes their full creative potential, but we are just regular people following a dream, excited to offer a space to grow, share, and practice with you!  Join us at The Conservatory: an imperfect space for imperfect people.


Austin and Emily, founders of The Conservatory NW, and Our garage art studio, where we held very small art classes

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